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The annual Eurochocolate festival of Perugia has earned itself the name as the most popular festival of the chocolate and the most followed by Italians, making of Perugia the European capital of the chocolate. For nine days the Umbrian chief town transforms itself for the occasion in a huge open-air pastry-shop for the delight of all the greedy persons and the slaves of cacao.

For all the tourists the occasion is without any doubt a good one to discover the most remote corners of this antique medieval center and to enjoy the famous Umbrian hospitality.

Dates of Chocolate Festival 2007, From October 13th to October 21st.

rotating gelato dispenser Rotating Gelato Spencer!
chocolate bricks... Chocolate Bricks
note the sculpted hairdo Thats one big piece of chocolate!

Eurochocolate was hailed in few years from his first edition as one of the most important event in Perugia. Started in 1994, this festival has extended with the editions of Turin and Rome. Eurochocolate, begun thanks to the support of Perugina (now belonging to Nestlé), one of major chocolate producer in Italy and in the world, is the festival that gluttons love most. The event takes place in the central streets and squares of Perugia, and for eight days the historic centre of the city changes thanks to the chocolate expositions, the open air laboratories, and the chocolate tasting. During the week, in some stands, wise confectionery artisans create enormous chocolate sculptures, which are destroyed in last festival days and the pieces distributed to all the people. Confectioners and chef display in the creation of chocolate dishes, experimenting new flavours: today the cacao is also used for the preparation of main and second courses. Chocolates and tastes are given for free everywhere. Eurochocolate has been also defined the gluttons festival, unique and various as the most prestigious Italian and foreign confectionery reality that here expose their products. Lindt, Nestlé, Caffarel, are some of the brand participating to this festival. Here in 2003, ten confectionery masters have created the biggest chocolate of the world (a bacio perugina), that entered the Guinness book. It was more than 7 meters large, two meters high and made with 3500 kilograms of dark chocolate, thousands of hazelnuts, for a global weight of 5980 kilograms.

During Eurochocolate the city of Perugia is populated by thousands of Italian and foreign tourists, so its better to book in advance your hotel, bed and breakfast, country house or holiday house in Perugia.
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