Venitian Glass on Murano Island

Want to see first hand how Venitian Glass is made? Check out Murano island, just a 30 min boat ferry away from the main city of Venice!

What made Murano's glassmakers so special? For one thing, they were the only people in Europe who knew how to make a mirror. They also developed or refined technologies such as crystalline glass, enameled glass, glass with threads of gold, multicolored glass, milk glass, and imitation gemstones made of glass. Their virtual monopoly on quality glass lasted for centuries, until glassmakers in Northern and Central Europe introduced new techniques and fashions around the same time that colonists were emigrating to the New World.
If you are even remotely interested in Glass Blowing, visit the Museo Vetrario, or Glass Museum, which is located in the Palazzo Giustinian near the island's center. The museum holds samples of glass from Egyptian times through the present day, and the displays show how the art and manufacture of glass developed over the centuries. (It's open every day except Wednesday, and admission is free to holders of the Venice Card.)

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